External Emergency Plan – A-ESSE S.p.A.

The External Emergency Plan of the “A-ESSE S.p.A.” was presented on 3 July.

The initiative, organized by the Prefecture and the Municipality of Carasco, started from the provisions contained in the legislative decree 105/2015, which governs the management of industries at risk of a major accident and establishes the preventive consultation of the population, also in order to collect suggestions and proposals for changes, before approval.

On this occasion, present the Mayor of Carasco, the representatives of the Prefecture, of the Fire Department, of the ARPAL, pointed out to the participants the main characteristics of the Plan, the consequences of any accidents, the measures to prevent them and to limit their effects and behavior to be taken in situations of accidental events.

Starting from today’s date the contents of the presentation will be viewable on the Prefecture’s website: interested parties will be able to suggest changes and additions within thirty days.