The Products

Zinc oxide is obtained from the residue produced from manufacturing in the galvanic industry.
The production of secondary zinc oxide is obtained from the residue in the production of zinc oxide.

Zinc Oxide, Secondary Zinco

The raw material used to produce Green Seal zinc oxide is zinc dross, which is the residue of galvanized metals.

Electrolytics SHG Zinc

To produce Gold Seal zinc oxide, we use electrolytic SHG zinc.

The Process

To produce zinc oxide, we can use three different processes. Two of them are thermal processes and the third one is a chemical process.

  1. One of the thermal processes is called the indirect process, or French process, in which zinc oxide is obtained from zinc metal. This is the method used by A-ESSE in our Carasco plant.
  2. The other thermal process is the direct process, or American process, in which residue containing zinc is used. Both processes produce a zinc vapor which is combusted in a controlled atmosphere and transformed into zinc oxide.
  3. Zinc oxide is also produced through a chemical wet process through the precipitation of zinc carbonate, basic carbonate, or zinc hydroxide. It is then purified, filtered and dried. Zinc oxide is then obtained by roasting the precipitate.