The Zinc Oxide produced in our Carasco factory is used by the major tire producers on the market.

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Zinc oxide is chiefly utilized in industrial processes and mainly in the tire industry where it serves as an activator in the vulcanization process. Other important applications of zinc oxide include the production of varnish, glass, ceramic and the colorization of plastic materials.

Zinc oxide absorbs ultraviolet light; therefore, it is used as sunscreen in pharmaceutical products and cosmetics. It is also used in baby creams, calamine lotions, and in healing lesions as an antibacterial medication.

Zinc is a trace element which is essential for life, and zinc oxide is one of the principal forms used to extract zinc which is then used in fertilizers, animal feed and vitamin supplements for humans. It is also utilized in dental cement.

Lastly, zinc oxide also acts as a catalyst in alkylation, oxidation, hydrogenation and desulphurization reactions.

Zinc oxide is produced through direct and indirect processes.