Via Conturli, 33 
16042 Carasco (GE) Italy
Phone: +39 0185 350177
Fax: +39 0185 350863
Email: info@a-esse.com
Pec: a_essesrl@legalmail.it 

A-ESSE Zinc Oxide Factory

The origins of A-ESSE can be traced back to the end of the Second World War when it was founded by Mr. Mario Camerini, the father of Mr. Aldo Camerini, President of the Administration Board until 2019.

Initially called S.I.Q.U.A.M. spa, A-ESSE was mainly a paint, enamel and varnish industry. Two basic pigments for paint manufacturing were produced: lead oxide and zinc oxide. During the period from 1946 to 1955, its zinc oxide production was used mainly for consumption within the plant to produce paint. At the end of the 1950s when most industries experienced a post-war economic boom, S.I.Q.U.A.M took sensible steps to increase its production of zinc oxide and oriented its sales towards the rubber industries, above all, the tire industry.

During the following ten years, due to significant developments in the plant, its capacity to produce zinc oxide doubled and reached quantities which allowed S.I.Q.U.A.M. to establish itself as one of the five most important zinc oxide manufacturers active on the market.

From 1967 to 1968 S.I.Q.U.A.M. joined forces with another manufacturer, ASTREA spa (Vado Ligure), establishing a new company, ASTREA-S.I.Q.U.A.M. spa. This newly-formed company kept its production in Genoa until 1971 when the family Camerini, after acquiring the ASTREA participation shares, transferred the plant to Carasco where its present headquarters and manufacturing plant are still located.

A-ESSE continues to produce zinc oxide in via Conturli, 33 – Carasco, including the production of Green Seal and Gold Seal zinc oxide with a production capacity of 7,000 tons per year.